Dear friends! Thank you for visiting my new website. Long-term experience of my work (since 1993 in the tourism sector), my ability and knowledge, guarantee a professional, high quality, individual character offered my services at competitive prices. Each of your request will be dealt with promptly and individually. I work for you all year round. In the new season, I develop and offer you only the most interesting and exciting excursions, both individual and group. Tours are conducted in Russian and only on new license Vip-cars and vans Mercedes-Benz. Particular attention is paid to the situation I want to order the guide and car in Athens and throughout Greece. On the internet you will find many suggestions as to illegal guides (guides and drivers) without a license, as well as some of licensed guides who, advertising yourself, do not give tours, and transmit your order guides for illegal fees. Illegal guides posing as archaeologists, students of universities, Ph.D., wherewith they really are not thereby mislead you. Guide to the license, conducting a tour of Athens, the place to visit with you the territory of the Acropolis. Acropolis - the pearl of Athens, he was recognized as one of the wonders of the ancient world. Illegally operating guides talk about the Acropolis from the outside, because they do not have the right to conduct a tour of the archaeological monuments. Require your guide, tour guide, so he went along with you into the territory of the Acropolis. After the tour, ask for a receipt printing for providing services to you. During the tour the guide license must be in a prominent place. For a guide to the license entrance to the archaeological sites is free. When ordering a tour with me, you are 100% guaranteed certified guide with a license that will provide you with detailed information about the history of Athens and all Greece.

Ask for availability of the license with your guide, tour guide, as well as the license of the car on transfers and excursions.